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There is no doubt that eXPro's staff is its greatest asset. Our business survives on being able to provide knowledgeable, capable and friendly service to our customers. Recognizing this, we aim to provide a fun, healthy and friendly workplace for our employees while giving them the ability to develop technically at their own pace.

At eXPro, employees learn much more than technical skills, they learn how to interact with clients, how to be professional, how to work with industry peers and how IT works from an overall perspective, not just the ins and outs of the MCSE certification.

At eXPro, as long as you show development, enthusiasm and capability, you will never be pigeonholed into a specific role. In the past, we have gone and found projects for engineers with specific interests or skills. Your happiness as an employee is the primary factor in our success as a company. Please submit your résumé to