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Disaster Recovery Services

It's 4:31pm on a Thursday afternoon and you have to get your AutoCAD files to the printers before a 5:00 deadline when a server hard drive crashes taking your files with it. Now you've got a dead server, a missed deadline, an unhappy client and lost revenue. Disaster. With eXPro help, equipment failures of this sort don't have to be disasters - only small setbacks that are quickly and calmly resolved.

Disaster Recovery Services is the process of protecting yourself against lost data or downtime as a result of hardware or software failure. If your organization has any computers at all, eventually something will fail and the level of catastrophe will depend upon your level of readiness. eXPro can help you be prepared.

eXPro approaches disaster recovery planning in three stages:

  • Analysis - We will perform an analysis of your current system to identify weaknesses and potential "single points of failure". These findings are summarized in writing.

  • Correction - Our Advanced Networking Services group will take steps to implement whatever suggestions are made during the analysis.

  • Documentation - Recovery procedures from any type of failure are documented so that your staff will know exactly what steps to take in the event of a critical failure.


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